3ds games that has multiple saving slot

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You can't access the Home menu while playing Nintendo DS games on the 3DS. Your 3DS cannot access features or use accessories that accessed the Game Boy Advance game slot on the Nintendo DS (slot 2). DS games are not compatible with SpotPass or StreetPass. A few DS games required the use of the AGB slot. Those games are not compatible with the 3DS.

... the game saves and resets and it tries to start a new game! Next time, try saving ... he heard you. The game ... DS can use the gba slot to play gba games, ... Can I Play Nintendo DS Games On the 3DS? - Lifewire You can play most Nintendo DS games on the Nintendo ... has been writing about video games and ... game slot on the Nintendo DS (slot 2). DS games are ... [Release]JK's SaveManager - Homebrew CIA Save manager ... This is a save manager you can install as a CIA. This means no more booting into the homebrew menu and rebooting to import and export saves. Testing has shown that it ...

I've made it as simple as I can, while keeping the slot feature from my old save manager. When you select backup or restore, you will have to select or create a new slot. If you don't like the input screen, you can create the directories yourself inside the game's export folder.

Saving Game With multiple slots - Unreal Engine Forums I am starting to follow the Epic Games Save/Load game tutorial Documentation. How would I use that to create a multiple save game slot?Collapse. No announcement yet. Saving Game With multiple slots. Multiple save slots?

I have a "New" Nintendo 3DS XL. I am attempting to play Age of Empires: The Age of Kings (DS Version) I have played the games multiple times before today on the 3DS itself. The game was purchased from Nintendo, so it is not a knock off version. When I insert the cartridge into the game slot, the games icon loads on the screen.

How to Insert a Game Card | Nintendo Support If you have suspended a software title, make sure you have closed it before removing its Game Card. What to Do: Hold the Game Card so that the label of the Game Card and the bottom of the system are both facing in the same direction. For Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, and Nintendo 2DS, the game card slot is located on the back of the system. The Biggest Nintendo 3DS Games of 2017 - Summer Edition ...

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